VIP LIST – your questions answered

You are loving the new VIP List, but we know there are a lot of questions. Here are some answers to the common questions we are being asked:

Subscribe & Save

  • Savings are not based on the number of products you have in your Subscription template, all % savings and loyalty matches are based on the subscription order processed at the time.

  • Subscription orders have been tracked for the past 3 months for every account on our database, automatically allocating you a VIP tier.

  • If you previously had a recurring SmartShip order process every month, you will automatically be assigned the VIP tier relating to your past Subscription order history. If your order is in the 15% insider tier next month, you will qualify for Free Shipping on your subscription orders.

  • If you skip a month, you will reset the clock on the loyalty benefit, and you’ll need to maintain your subscription for another 3 consecutive months to become re-eligible.

  • If you make changes to your subscription, your new VIP savings is calculated at the time your next subscription order is processed, and then is valid for the next 31 days.

  • If you place a new VIP savings order before the month is over (i.e., 2 in a month), and they are different percentages, the higher of the two will apply on any everyday savings order you place during the next 31 days.

  • If you have 8+ items in month 3 and that is your 3rd consecutive subscription order, you will qualify for the 15% discount, 15% match and free shipping, regardless of your previous order subscription tier.

  • 15% VIP Insiders receive free shipping on any subscription order with a value of 8 or more products from the 3rd consecutive month’s subscription onwards.

  • Free Shipping only applies to your monthly recurring orders that process on your set date, it will not apply to your Everyday Orders, or a Subscribe & Save order submitted via the Checkout.

  • The BUY NOW button is no longer available.  You have 3 options: 

  1. Amend the date in your template to an earlier processing date. 
  2. Process an everyday order direct from the shopping cart – with a subscription order history the VIP % discount will be matched on that order. 
  3. Select to do a Subscribe & Save order form the checkout.  This will process an order that day PLUS add those products to your subscription template.
  • The last 2 options do not change your subscription processing date, so you may need to manually update that. 

Everyday Savings

  • Everyday Savings apply to orders placed outside of your primary monthly subscription order using the standard checkout process, allowing you to take advantage of promotions and still receive your VIP discounts.

  • Everyday orders do not count as a subscription order, so make sure you still place your monthly 31 day subscription orders, to maintain your loyalty benefits.

Loyalty Benefits

  • A month is defined by 31 days, so placing a subscription order on the 2nd of one month and then on the 20th of the following month places the subscription outside of the monthly processing time and will not count towards the loyalty benefits.

  • If you accidentally cancel your Subscription template, you can keep your loyalty benefits by creating another subscription order within 31 days (one month from your last subscription order)

  • Corporate have no way to reinstate Loyalty tiers or benefits, so maintaining the 31 day subscription is essential

Anniversary Credits

  • Anniversary credits will apply to all accounts on our database even if they have not placed an order.  Every 6 months, based on the date the Modere account was opened, a $25 shopping credit is applied.

  • Anniversary shopping credits are valid for 31 days from when they are issued.