SRC will introduce you to M3 with an overview of the program, a brief background of M3 creator Greg Horn and a broad-brush understanding of Australia’s statistical need for a practical, sensible weight loss solution.

Yes, there’s plenty to get excited about with the M3 phenomenon at SRC, that’s for sure. But not enough to get you and your business out there and absolutely smashing it.
Enter the M3 Tour.

This is M3 as you need to experience it – up close and personal. In depth details on Australian weight gain statistics. Essential information on the program’s synergy, formulation and insight-laden marketing… PLUS a clear understanding of why weight loss is the next big business opportunity, and how M3 is set to take Australia by storm. Everything you need to need to see, hear, learn and know about M3… directly from the driving forces behind it:

Modere’s global CEO, Robert Conlee
M3 Formulator & Scientific Advisor, Greg Horn
Modere AU & NZ Sales and Marketing Manager, Allana Hinks

Modere’s three key thought leaders will introduce to you a brilliant new product, and tell you how to seriously sell it. M3 is a game changing product and Australia and New Zealand are markets crying out for weight loss solutions.

Get in touch with your Customers, your business prospects, and anyone interested in the next big thing in ‘live clean’ health, and don’t miss a minute of Modere’s M3 Tour.

NSW: Sunday, 13 August, 2-5pm
SA: Monday, 14 August, 6-9pm
WA: Tuesday, 15 August, 6-9pm
VIC: Wednesday, 16 August, 6-9pm
QLD: Thursday, 17 August, 6-9pm