First and foremost, our sincerest apologies for any confusion surrounding attendance at our M3 Tour sessions. The issue was identified with technical links, which have now all been fixed.

So, we’re all feeling super excited and hugely grateful once again, for the amazing interest that so many of you have expressed in this unmissable M3 Tour.

To help make it all crystal clear, here’s a key factor to remember.

Session One: It’s all about Business.

This session is designed for Social marketers and your hot-business-prospect guests. So, all the potential business prospects you have invited, this session is a must for them and you, as well as anyone who is interested in becoming a social marketer.

To secure your places, Social Marketers must register via the link below and pay the $25.00 registration cost. Then, share this email with your business prospects, ensuring they also register (complimentary), using the same link.


CEO Robert Conlee will inspire all of you, with the amazing impact and enormous potential of the M3 program, while Modere’s Sale & Marketing guru, Allana Hinks will demonstrate the brilliant simplicity and the generous incentives of the M3 Duplication model.

Session Two: It’s everything M3.

The second session is all about the M3 program and the M3 products. So, this is the session for everyone. Social Marketers, business prospects, customers and guests… in fact, anyone who is interested in losing weight, the simple, easy and live clean M3 way.

Again, to ensure no-one misses a minute, Social Marketers and guests, having registered through the link above, will have their seat assured. However, make sure you share this email with all your customers, ensuring they also register (complimentary), using the ‘Customer only’ link below.


Our CEO Robert Conlee will kick things off, with his world-renowned ‘Sharing the dream’ experience, before Greg Horn, M3’s creator gives you precedented results in the US.

And finally, our Marketing queen, Allana Hinks takes the stage with invaluable soft selling tips plus M3 incentives, prizes, giveaways and get this: a chance to win an astonishing $7,500 Greek holiday.

Okay, those times, again:

SESSION 1 – Social Marketers & Invited Guests interested in the Business Opportunity
6.00-6.30 pm (2.00-2.30 pm in NSW) Registration & Seating
6.30 pm (2.30 pm in NSW) Presentation commences
7.15 pm (3.15 pm in NSW) Presentation concludes

BREAK – 7.15-7.30 pm (3.15-3.30 pm in NSW)

SESSION 2 – Product Presentation/Information for anyone interested in the M3 Product Range
7.00-7.15 pm (3.00-3.15 pm in NSW) Arrival & Registration for Customers
7.30 pm (3.30 pm in NSW) Presentation commences
9.00 pm (5.00 pm in NSW) Presentation concludes

Once again, we’re wrapped to let you know all issues are sorted and that we cannot wait to see everybody out there on, what promises to be, an unforgettable M3 Tour.