The festive season is upon us. It’s a good time to reconnect with your existing Customers. Even if time doesn’t allow for getting everyone together for a drink and some nibbles, you can still be promoting.

Why not host a Christmas Social? Set a date to re-connect!

Which brings us to the question; ‘When your social calendar is full, how can you squeeze a Modere Social into your schedule?’

The answer might possibly be that you can’t right now, but you are able to plan ahead – and that can give you the great advantage of a running start in the new year.

Building your business in the long term is more of a marathon than a sprint. As you network socially over the festive season, remember that every person you meet and socialise with is a potential Customer, Social Marketer or host for a Modere Social!

Contact your existing Customers to highlight the availability of the great Christmas Packs* – there’s the Christmas Aromatherapy Collection, the Christmas Hair Care Collection and the Christmas Skin Care Collection.

Not to mention all the other great Modere products that make excellent gifts or stocking stuffers!

Xmas packs

Make the suggestion to your contacts and new acquaintances that the new year would be a good time to arrange a Modere Social. The new year resolutions to get into shape are the perfect fuel to increase interest in the Modere Weight Management Program, and when it comes to resolutions for living a little heathier – well, isn’t that exactly what you’re able to offer with Modere?

Enjoy the season and always keep in mind, being sociable is a perfect way to get Social!


* Packs are currently available to Social Marketers only. Packs will be available to Customers from 1 December 2015.