JUNE – 31 AUGUST 2021

Over the past few months we have been loving our Customers and Promoters with our Love Your Customer Bonus, so naturally the next big goal is Platinum Black, right?

We are SellerBrating all things Platinum Black, with exclusive global perks on offer for any Social Marketers that either requalify Platinum Black or qualify for the first time between now and 31 August!

  • Your very own customised Promoter Code
  • Your special delivery Promoter Pack, for any promotion in your region up until 31 August, provided you have qualified at Platinum Black at least once in the previous 3 months prior to the promotion.
  • Monthly perks, for every month that you qualify Platinum Black within the qualification period;
    • Bonus Escape Credits to boost your Escape qualifications
      • Platinum Black 1 – 10
      • Platinum Black 2 – 15
      • Platinum Black 3 – 20
    • Live Clean Credits for you to gift or offer as part of your own promotions
      • Platinum Black 1 – $250
      • Platinum Black 2 – $325
      • Platinum Black 3 – $400

All of these perks are in addition to the ongoing shares in our quarterly global customer sales pool for all qualifying Platinum Blacks.  (Please refer to the Elite Black & Platinum Black Plan for full ts & cs.)

  • Platinum Black 1 – 2 Shares
  • Platinum Black 2 – 3 Shares
  • Platinum Black 3 – 5 Shares

With these amazing global perks, there has never been a better time to qualify Platinum Black.  So reach out to your Leader and plan your Platinum Black goals for the coming months!