We want you to meet wonderful Social Marketers from all across Australasia so far – Toni, Kanwaljit, Rebecca, Kim and David and Marsella, Wiremu and Whanarua. Each has their own unique story to share – so get the tissues ready!
Here’s all you need to know about Modere’s Stories of Success.

Why we created this series?
Everyday, we are surrounded by stories of success – where Modere has touched the lives of people and families throughout Australia and New Zealand _ AND WE LOVE IT! It inspires us to work hard for you and your business, it encourages us to pursue our Live Clean mission with conviction and it teaches us that every person has a story worthwhile sharing. We know you too, will be encouraged and inspired so we decided to bring some of your stories to life with our Modere Stories of Success Series.

What you can expect?
Starting with five wonderful Social Marketers from all across Australasia, each with a unique story to share, each day this week we’ll be sending you their full story – get the tissues ready! Then moving forward, we’ll be making each full-length film into short, bite-sized snippets of goodness, perfect for you to share across all your platforms – let’s share the love and inspire everyone with the gold.

How to use
Don’t forget, these stories are not just for us to enjoy, but are the perfect tool to share with everyone you meet. Use this video series at your events, as a digital business card to a possible new prospect and of course, across all your social media platforms. We’ll store everything in Shifting Retail for you after each new release.