The email template we have shown along with copy and social media tiles in our Inactive Customer Promotion Social Marketer Pack have been created for your inactive customers in mind. They are targeted for them specifically as the promotion only applies to those customers that haven’t purchased between 22 September 2019 and 29 November 2020 – that’s between 4 – 18 months.

We’ve just sent an email to your customers an email and have another one going out mid April to those that are still to sue their $15 credit so we would suggest if you are going to send an email out to your inactive customers you wait until closer to the end of the month so we don’t overload their inbox! Make sure you run your Customer Pod report again and click the Last Order Date column to filter by date to see who still fits into the promotion period for last order.

We also suggest using the email and social media tiles to send directly to those inactive customers and note use as posts on your feed for everyone to see. They can be sent in your DM messages or as a text or of course as an email if you have your customer email information.