Here at Modere, your success is our success.

The more content we can provide our Live Clean Tribe, the more you can move forward with your business.  Don’t we all want that?

Social Media has provided us with the ability to create a visual profile that can be accessed anywhere in the world.  Plus, our Modere business can go global and how cool is that?  In order to do this, let’s look at setting up your ‘Personal Facebook’ page for success.

Given we are running our businesses off Social Media would you say it’s super important to create and sculpt a profile that puts you in the forum of Leadership?  We have a powerful tool at our fingertips where we can create this exact quality and demonstrate to our community that ‘we are the ones to follow’.

Let me throw a question out to you…

If you were going to apply for your ‘dream role’ what would be the first thing you would do?

Update your resume…

And your ‘LinkedIn’ profile.

You see, a resume is a document that highlights:

  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Profile Image
  • Personal Details and Qualities
  • Contact Information
  • Volunteer Work
  • References
  • Career Objectives
  • Summary.

And, the better the resume, the more you’ll stand out.

It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities to your “prospective” employer. 

I’m highlighting the word “prospective” here.  Notice it’s an extension of “prospect”.   And I hope we’re moving towards an ‘AHA MOMENT’.

Let’s paint a picture.

You’re applying for your dream role that offers a great income.  This role will offer you:

  • World Travel
  • Flexibility
  • Work from home
  • Work with like-minded people
  • Impact the lives of others in a positive way
  • Incentives
  • Recognition
  • Ability to step into Leadership.

How would that feel?

Imagine for a moment… you’re the CEO of your business.  What would that role bring in financially for you?  How would the above elements fit in with your family and lifestyle?

You are prepared to do the work that is needed to achieve success.

These are the skills required for this role, and you have them…

  • Connect
  • Build relationships
  • Presentations
  • Follow up
  • Plan
  • Set goals
  • Manage time
  • Personal Development is important so that’s something you continuously pursue
  • Go to Market (promote yourself)
  • Generate revenue for the business
  • And make a difference
  • Get skilled at: Product knowledge.

To secure this role you need to GET NOTICED!

This is where we have a paradigm shift – the ‘AHA MOMENT’.

Your Facebook profile is your new ONLINE RESUME.

Did you know that a first impression is made in seven seconds?

Would you believe, when it comes to Social Media, the first impression is made in one tenth of a second!

Can you see how important the visual creative you choose wraps you, your personality and personal brand up in a split second?  

Facebook offers us areas where we can complete the following:

  • Cover Image (head shot only, smiling and forms part of your Personal Branding)
  • Profile Image (think of this as a movie trailer demonstrating your life, goals, aspirations)
  • Intro
  • Featured Images
  • About section:
  • Work and Education
  • Places you’ve lived
  • Contact and basic info
  • Family and relationship
  • Details about you
  • Life events
  • Security.

You are in the business of Leadership. 

The basis of what we do at Modere is to develop more Leaders, however in order to do that you need to stand up, get noticed, set the pace and standard.

Is your ONLINE RESUME up-to-date and completed?

Tell people what you stand for and more importantly ‘YOUR WHY’.

Here’s are two tips and suggestions:

  1. Let’s not mention Modere
  2. Let’s not mention product

The moment you do, you risk losing your audience.  Our goal is to generate ‘curiosity’, ‘intrigue’ and gain more eyeballs on you and your ONLINE RESUME – your personal Facebook page.   YOU are the ‘brand’.  It’s called a personal profile for a reason.  This is about YOU.

Now, let’s get to the ‘nuts and bolts’!

Remember, we’ve had a ‘paradigm shift’ earlier. We’re looking at an ONLINE RESUME not a Facebook page.  Complete the ‘About’ section.

The menu on the left is comprehensive. 

Complete what you feel the need to and the information you wish to be seen.  This is your chance to tell people about you and your WHY.

In this section you can upload any further links, i.e:

  • Website
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Etc.

Remember this is a business tool. USE IT!!!

SECURITY should always be first.  The settings will allow you to hide and lock your phone number, email, birthdate or year, etc.

Incidentally, a lot of hacks or Identity Thefts are reverse engineered from the data in social media.  So, be vigilant.  As an example, if you’re showing your car – make sure your registration number is not displayed.

This is your ONLINE RESUME, make it stand out.  People will follow you if you give them a reason why.

To watch our last ‘Traction Talks’ training session click HERE for the replay where we delve in a little deeper on this topic.

Our next ‘Traction Talks’ will be on:

22nd August 2019


Topic:  HACKS where I’ll drive you through the following (time allowing)

  • Pixabay
  • Canva
  • Conversations in Messenger
  • Use of birthdays to reignite conversation
  • Time Tracker
  • How to find and write content for posts

See you there.

Connie M