What is Network Marketing, why do we get involved, where do we start and what do we get out of it?  What great questions.

Most people would say they’re in it for the money or the product.  But did you know there is a far more powerful reason behind Network Marketing and… you generally don’t realise this until you get started.  Let’s find out what that is.

Network Marketing is truly the greatest industry available to us today.  It gives us the ability to create freedom, and after all, that’s what we all want.

The beauty of our business is that it gives us the ability to work anytime and anywhere.  We can take our children to soccer or netball, and while they’re playing, we can continue to work and still have the time to be with our family. 

At the end of the day we all want the same things:

  • Great health and wellness
  • Good communication
  • Great friends
  • To be loved
  • Travel the world
  • Spontaneity
  • A great spiritual connection

In short, this is about FREEDOM.

The Network Marketing business is all about people.  

It’s about connecting, really getting to know people, finding out about them, what challenges they face.  Only friends offer that much information.  Isn’t that true?  Hence why I say, ‘build the relationship’.

The thing is, once you know a lot about someone and your relationship is strong you can talk about anything.  Through general conversation you can offer solutions, things that have worked for you personally.  That’s what sells!  It’s your personal journey and story they are interesting in. 

The plus is… If you get good at knowing and talking to people, your sales and recruiting levels will increase.

But, let me drop an ‘AHA MOMENT’ for you. The Network Marketing business is really a – ‘Personal Development’ Model in disguise.

Everyone thinks you join to sell product.  Well yes, we do!  However, this business model is about developing yourself as a Leader.  Leaders lead others. 

Whether it’s product or recruiting, either way you’re developing your skills in various ways. That may be working on your product knowledge, people, social media and leadership skills.

You see, there is a very large difference between traditional sales-people and Network Marketers.  What we do is very, very casual.  There’s no hype in our approach.

In fact, on our Personal Profiles through social media “I” always suggest 2 things:

  1. Don’t talk about your company
  2. Don’t talk about your product

The second you do, you’ll get what is called ‘push back’.  Straight away people sum you up, you lose the relationship.  They think you’re trying to sell them something and they are right!

If you continue to pitch product, features and benefits you’ll go through a lot of pain. You’ll get massive rejection.  And that hurts.  Who wants that?

Here is one of my favourite sayings:  People hate being sold, but people love to buy.

All this is, is a shift in focus and approach.

If you’re pushing product on your personal profile and experiencing ‘push back’, you’ll be falling into the above statistics.

Shall we examine:  2% of people will enrol on their 1st connection or exposure.

This means 98 people out of 100 will say no to you and your offer.  It’s the fastest way to turn people away from your social profile.  That is rejection on a massive scale. How’s your self-esteem going?

You can see from the statistics it takes up to 12 connections before you really connect with others.  That’s a few conversations.

Focus on the relationship.  That is where your success will come from, not the sale.

Our goal on social media is to create what is called ‘curiosity posts’.  Posts that evoke questions from your audience.

We always ‘like and comment’ on our personal wall from our posts in social media, however true conversations are taken into messenger.  That’s where you build the ‘know, like and trust’ factor.   That’s where you get to know your audience.

Here’s the thing… Did you know that ‘likes and comments’ are actually ‘leads’?  Yes, they are.  It’s all in the way you handle them.

Traction Talks are designed to help you through this maze.  We are all about YOU, YOUR SUCCESS and how can we best serve you.

To watch our last ‘Traction Talks’ training session click HERE for the replay where we delve in a little deeper on this topic.

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Connie M