It’s a rare person who can resist a bargain – and we have a bargain you’ll love. The new Modere I/D Anti-Aging Skin Care System is causing a buzz like we’ve never seen before, but if you’re just a little smart and combine Modere I/D with SmartShip; both your bank balance and your skin will look better.

The short form on the offer is this. Add Modere I/D to your SmartShip order and you’ll save $20 on the price of the Modere I/D, plus you’ll receive free shipping on your entire SmartShip order.

This offer is available to Social Marketers and Customers, so benefit yourself and promote it to your Customers!

If you don’t currently have a SmartShip order, it’s easy to set up.

  1. Start by adding Modere I/D to your SmartShip at via the QUICK SHOP tab under the SHOP menu.
  2. Set up Modere I/D on a monthly SmartShip order.
  3. Every month you have Modere I/D on SmartShip you will get a $20 off the price of your Modere I/D bringing it down to $129.95, plus you will get all the items in your SmartShip order with free delivery.

Naturally, if you have an existing SmartShip order, all you need do is add Modere I/D to it. The price will still say $149.95 but when the SmartShip processes, it will apply the $20 credit and only charge you $129.95.

Remember, now that you have Modere I/D as part of your SmartShip order, all of the products in your monthly SmartShip order also qualify for free shipping.

There’s a brochure available on Shifting Retail that will give you the full story or check out the videos below.

Modere SmartShip video for Social Marketers


Modere SmartShip video for Customers

Smartship for customers