Most of us are surrounded by the beauty of Australia all the time whilst others are just lucky to experience it on holidays. The sun shining and the galahs laughing while we stroll down the beach with sand between our toes. But do we ever really take it in and appreciate our own backyard… even when on holidays? We breath in the clean air and drink our local wine, all while wishing we could go far, far away. But why? We’re all so instilled with the idea that we need to discover the other side of the globe, but what about exploring what’s right in front of us? It’s time to fall in love with Australia all over again – Modere-style!

We’re so excited to announce that in 2021 our ESCAPE is right here in sunny Australia. What might that entail? You’ll just have to wait to find out! In the meantime, here are a few reasons to ESCAPE around Australia.

1. Australia is diverse
We travel overseas to experience something new, but these new experiences could be had right here in our very diverse backyard. Australia’s size makes it geographically vast, with every landscape looking very different from the other. Take Hobart and Darwin for example, or Melbourne and Cairns. There are just so many different backdrops to be seen – deserts, snowy mountains, tropical rainforests, sandy beaches and green vineyards. You could be hiking in the morning and surfing in the afternoon. Not to mention that Australia’s Indigenous culture has almost 150 languages! You know we do things a little bit differently at Modere, so you can imagine this is one getaway that you don’t want to miss out on.

2. You’ll become an expert
Imagine travelling overseas in the future and meeting people who have never been to Australia. They ask you about what it’s like to surf on your beaches, they ask you about the colour of the red sand of the desert and they ask you if your fresh water lakes are good to swim in. You may have lived in Australia all your life and maybe don’t even know the answer… BECAUSE you’ve never escaped to your own backyard! 2021 is the perfect time to fall in love with this beautiful country. And you can tell them all about the time you did it Modere-style too!

3. Do it for the gram
Let’s admit it, Australia is one very photogenic country. Imagine how inspired your Live Clean Tribe are going to be if they saw you sipping on McLaren Vale wine or eating fresh lobster caught from the oceans of Darwin or getting a selfie with a quokka on Rottnest Island or taking a surfing lesson at Byron Bay. No matter where we take you in 2021, you can be sure it’s going to be life changing and a moment you won’t forget.

4. Travel around your own backyard without the tourists
Imagine being in the countryside of the Blue Mountains, you’re glamping and watching the stars, surrounded by white noise and only your favourite people around you. That sounds a lot better to us than long queues, tourists asking you to take photos and booked out tours. 2021 is an amazing time to discover Australia’s best tourist attractions while not many other people are!

5. Did we mentioned the food and wine?
Restaurants from all around the world fly in our wine and food to serve to their customers, and do we blame them? Why go all the way to Hong Kong or Hawaii to drink Penfolds? We have some of the best wineries, oceans and farms right here in our very own backyard. Imagine picking your own strawberries to eat with the cheese and wine made within a 10km radius. You’re not just filling up your stomach, you’re tasting the very best your country has to offer.