We’ve launched a bigger and better website with a new look and feel PLUS new processes and features. We want to make sure that you are all equipped with the answers you need for not only yourself but your teams and your Customers so check out all you need to know.

Annual Social Marketer Fee
We know that you may have received a ‘Changes to Your SmartShip’ notification email from us recently even though you may not have a monthly SmartShip profile or template set up. We just wanted to let you know not to worry, if that’s the case, we know you aren’t on SmartShip… yet (!!) and this email is about your Annual Social Marketer Membership which has now changed to an automatic subscription and this email was automatically sent to notify you. It is a once off so it won’t be popping up in your inbox aqain!

Shipping address
Please be aware that your shipping address when ordering will default to your mailing address!  This may not be the latest shipping address you have use or previously had saved.  Please make sure to double check the address you are sending your order to, prior to submitting your order.  It would also be a good idea to update your preferred shipping address via “My Account” when logged into the website.

Suburb and postcode
When you are at the section for Shipping Address, please type in the first few letters of the Suburb. After a few letters, a drop down list appears where you can scroll and click on the suburb you want. The State and Postcode then fills in automatically – you cannot change the State and Postcode information.
Please note: if the browser you are using tries to auto-fill these fields it will override the Websites ability to perform as designed. You may need to remove all the information from the address fields and re-type not using the auto-fill information, or turn off that function in your browser.

Ordering an item that is already on an existing SmartShip order
A big difference with our new SmartShip™ & Save is that you can order products on SmartShip™ and have that order process straight away (Now + SmartShip™) – if you do not have an existing SmartShip™ template, one will then be created for you for next month.If you already have an existing SmartShip™, you can still do  Now + SmartShip™ but be aware, this does not change the date of your template that will still execute on the date you originally selected.
Check out an example of how this will look:

This person has Natural Mineral Drink in their SmartShip order due to execute with all their products on September 9 but they want that product in a ‘Now’ order also. In the checkout it shows like the above pic.

Mobile i0s and Android App
We have a new Modere app so if you are unable to log in, it could be because you have not updated the new App. Head over to the App Store (on an Apple device) or Google Play Store (on an Android device), check for updates and then update to the latest version. 
Another change is the App now asks for a passcode after you submit the order. We don’t see what the passcode is, or store it – the Apps use an ‘on device’ system function to perform this validation. It’s just a safety check to make sure that someone doesn’t pick up a person’s unlocked phone and make a purchase with it.

You now no longer have to add your CVV every time you order. In the past, we validated each stored credit card with the CVV as you could save almost unlimited credit cards. Now, you have only 2 saved credit cards, a primary and secondary and the CVV is saved. Please ensure that you are choosing the correct credit card and that it is yours. Should you edit any of your credit cards you will need to key ALL the information again.

Volume month
Previously, as a Social Marketer you were able to choose a volume month to place an order in, however, the new system does not have a concept of a volume month and so the date denotes what month the order goes in to.  Please order in the month that you wish the points to be allocated. We have a couple of days at the end of the month to help you with any late points for the previous month however these need to be manually moved by the office. Check out month end details, for each state, bearing in mind that you are now on Central Time, in your Back Office.

Confirmation Page
You may have noticed the checkout page requires ‘less clicks’ to complete your order. Your shipping information, payment details and order summary are all together on the one page, making it quicker and more convenient for our customers to order. This is the final check, that everything is as you want it before the last click – the submit button!

Customer upgrades
You may notice that when a Customer upgrades to a Social Marketer you still see that Customer in your back office pod reports. They also have a weird email address which is because we have created a new SM account with their actual email address and made the other account inactive. All the CP will remain in your pod until after the bonus is run – this account will remain until the next bonus is run and then the account will be removed.

All you need to know about SmartShip & Save
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