Since the Modere range launched locally in September of last year, more and more people have been introduced – or introduced themselves – to the many products and their benefits.

The opportunity to ‘Live Clean’ by swapping out the regular everyday products they previously used for the safer Modere alternative has led many on a journey of discovery through the range – which is great.

But the question can arise, which products should I be using and how do I know?

We’ve tried to make those decisions as simple as possible.

Before the range launched, the Modere team agreed on the importance of standardising product names and making sure each one clearly indicated what the product was or what it did.

In fact, it became essential that someone who knew nothing about the products should be able to see the name and know the ‘what and why’ of the product pretty much instantly.

The simplest form of this is possibly the Household Care range: want to wash dishes? Try Dish Wash. Want to clean clothes? Try Laundry Powder.

It’s the same story in the Personal Care range. Product names like Shower Gel, Hand and Body Lotion and Deodorant are all self-evident.

Take a look across the Health & Wellness range and you’ll see the same pattern. Although there are a number of sub-categories, what you see is what you get.

The most common and popular nutritional product is Adult Multivitamin. Looking for a product that’s suitable for the younger members of the family – that would be Children’s Multivitamin.

Products that target or offer support for specific parts of the body include Eye Health, Liver Health or Immune Health.

Maybe you’re considering something a little more specific. Perhaps you’ve heard all the talk about the benefits of antioxidants? On the nutritional front you have the choice between Antioxidant and Antioxidant Sustained Release.

Even if you’re not up on the finer points of what various nutrients, extracts and combination can do for you; there’s plenty of help at hand.

The person that introduced you to Modere may be a good place to start for product knowledge.

In any event, we heartily recommend you take the time to read the product description, usage guide and ingredients that accompany every product on the Modere web site and app. If you’re looking for deeper insights, there is a detailed fact sheet available for each product available for download too.

One thing to always remember though, when you’re looking for safer, effective and stylish products for your home and body, the one name you should always look for first is Modere.

Live Clean

Note. For all Health & Wellness products, please use only as directed and consult your healthcare professional if symptoms persist.