A new feature coming to Modere will make sure you have a happy Customer every time they purchase with us.

Shareable Cart will allow you to provide an extra service to Customers. This concierge service will allow you to prepopulate and personalise your Customer’s cart in an easy and convenient way. This means you can make recommendations and provide a personalised service. It also means you’re in control and can work on increasing basket size, making sure you have repeat Customers and overall brand loyalty… especially for those that know they want to try Modere but don’t know where to start – great for first time Customers… PLUS it will retain your promo code, so you can share away, and it will always be connected to you. How cool is that?!

As an added feature, you will now get a triggered email once your customer has ordered with exactly what they had in their cart – imagine what you can do with that information and how you can serve your Customer even better with product suggestions.  

Your Customers will also get an email once their cart is ready for them and if they have abandoned their cart and want to go back to it, their items will be there waiting so no chance of forgetting an order!

Stay tuned for more details as we get set to launch Shareable Cart on Friday 21 August!