“Praise and recognition based upon performance are the oxygen of the human spirit” – John Adair

Whether you have just signed up with Modere or you have been with Modere for 10 years, we want to capture those special moments that only happen once. Do you remember your very first customer, or social marketer you signed up? Or the very first time you title advanced? Those moments are special and need to be celebrated. At Modere, we want to recognise your efforts and turn moments into momentum. Social Marketer firsts are important milestones in the Modere Journey that we don’t want to let them slip away.

Your 1st Customer Pod
By now you have caught the contagious Modere Live Clean mission and have started sharing these great products with others. You have your own customer pod and have reached Bronze so we want to offer you a reward: 50% off our gorgeous Modere Body Butter because we know it can do big things for your business with its alluring smell and ‘handbag size’ tube!

You will also receive a digital commemorative cheque to mark the occasion.

Your 1st Team Achievement
The moment you reach Team Leader marks a significant moment – your first team achievement. AND it only comes around once! We want to capture the memory of this first time moment so from now on we will send you a digital commemorative cheque PLUS the opportunity to purchase Logiq™ and/or SHAPE Chocolate sachets at 50% off because we know that these two game-changing products can help grow a business to the next level. We are also including some social media tips for SHAPE Chocolate and Logiq™.

You only experience your first time once and we don’t want to let that go unnoticed. Modere is here to turn those first moments into momentum.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Modere have the right to change Body Butter, Logiq™ and SHAPE Chocolate sachets at any time and replace with a substitute product (depending product availability) 
  2. Achievers will receive notification via email
  3. Discounts will be applied at checkout if the product is ordered within 60 days of receiving the email offer
  4. These are one time offers for first time achievers and cannot be transferred to another Social Marketer
  5. The digital cheque is for personal commemorative purposes only and cannot be used for legal tender, advertising nor publicly shared.