The second ever Modere Social Retail Conference (SRC) event is on at the Gold Coast Convention and Entertainment Centre from 28-29 October 2016. You are going to be in for an unforgettable two days of fun and insight set against the glam and glitz of Australia’s own sunset strip!

In case you’re wondering what it’s all about, here’s 10 reasons why you can’t afford to miss this dynamic and inspiring event. See you there!


number 1 The Breakfast Club

Qualify for an intimate breakfast with Global CEO Robert Conlee. These two social marketing heavyweights will be serving up some great anecdotes and inspiring words of wisdom that will undoubtedly satisfy your hunger for success.

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number 2 Path to Escape

It’s more than a way of earning the vacation of a life-time, this is the fast-track to success at Modere. You’ll walk away armed with the knowledge you need to become Director One and earn the ultimate experience – the Modere Escape.


number 3 The After Party

It’s not over ‘til it’s over! When all the business is over and done, it’s time to party! Put on your best outfit and dance the night away with all your favourite Modere people.

Click here to see photos from our last SRC in Adelaide!


number 4 Awards Show and Entertainment

Dedicated work and achievement deserves to be recognised and congratulated – and that’s exactly what we’ll do – celebrate the success of Social Marketers in award-winning style!


number 5 The Modere Bar

The hottest bar in town is back! All of your favourite Modere liquiceuticals will be available to purchase along with some of our all-time favourite, super special Modere cocktails.


number 6 Guest Speakers

Need to top up on motivation and inspiration? We’ve lined up a top notch roster of guest speakers who’ll help fire up your passion to build your Modere business.


number 7 The Modere Shop

There’s always something special in the Modere Shop. There will be new merchandise for sale and the new Modere men’s range of products will also be available for purchase along with a few other surprises!


number 8 Modere Masterclass

The SRC enables you to rub shoulders with our most esteemed Leaders and other Social Marketers. You’ll be hearing from our most dynamic partners on how you can best take advantage of the Modere business model as they share their experiences and insights on delivering our Live Clean message and Opportunity to the world. You won’t want to miss this ‘Modere Masterclass’.


number 9The Gorgeous Gold Coast

Beautiful one day – perfect the next! What better excuse do you need than to travel up to the sunny Gold Coast. Beautiful beaches, restaurants and places to stay. Check out the great accommodation options we have put together for the SRC.

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number 10 Business Game Changer

SRC’s are business changers. They give you a bigger picture of what your business can be, of what Modere is and where it’s going. Seeing that bigger picture translates into belief, belief translates into passion, and passion grows your business. Click here to register now.


SRC - See You There!