We are excited to announce that our 2022 Australasian Leadership Summit will be held on 11-12 November 2022 in Adelaide and for the first time ever, New Leaders can earn an exclusive invitation!

Think of the greatest leaders in your life. Did you have a school teacher who inspired you? A manager who found creative solutions? A historical figure who inspired you by succeeding despite tremendous odds? Or is your inspo a Modere Leader?

No matter how great your leaders are, they started out just like everyone else. One of our favourite quotes at Modere is ‘An Elite is a Senior Consultant who just never gave up!’ At Modere, we believe that true leadership is something that can be cultivated in anyone who’s willing to learn and grow.

We have been so inspired by the success of our Social Marketers that we want to recognise and nurture their leadership qualities, starting with an exclusive invitation to the 2022 Leadership Summit!

Our Leadership Summit will recognise new high-achieving Social Marketers, who are hitting key Modere Titles and smashing the Modere Movers promotion. New Leaders will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with our Australasian Leaders and Corporate team, as well as attend exclusive leadership development sessions.

You can earn your seat at the table

Can you see yourself in the room with Modere Leaders & Corporate?  Here’s what you need to do.


January – October 2022

Title Advance to Director 1 – Director 3 OR Platinum 1 – Platinum 3


August – October 2022

Requalify at new highest title at least once

OR title advance Director 1 – Director 3 OR Platinum 1 – Platinum 3

AND achieve 24 MOVER points


Who attends the Australasian Leadership Summit?

Active & Qualifying Elites and Platinum Blacks

New Leader Summit Incentive Achievers

Corporate Team

What’s included?

Exclusive Australasian Leadership Summit invitiation

1 nights accommodation in Adelaide

Free Live Clean Life Ticket


How do I earn Modere MOVER points?

Check out the Modere Mover blog

Are guests allowed to attend?

This is a qualifying event for Social Marketers. There will be 1 invitation per qualifying account, with the exception of co-applicants if specified.

Are airfares and OTG transport covered by Modere?

All Social Marketers are responsible for their own transportation, at their expense.