GM MONTHLY – June 2022

Today marks 12 months since I stepped into the role of General Manager for Modere Australiasia and yesterday 5 years since I joined. In the midst of a pandemic, the demands of leaders around the world changed. Mindsets shifted from profits to people first. My goals for the last 12 months have been to listen with great intent, lean in to the challenges and find the solutions that best serve, think differently whilst honouring and respecting the history, and to build a team of strong, supportive people around me who are equally focussed on delivering extraordinary outcomes for our live clean collective and staff, customers and Social Marketers.

It has been a wild ride to navigate and many lessons learnt along the way. Emotions have run the highs and lows as we adapted to the ever-changing landscape around us, not solely from the pandemic but also from the adjustment in leadership. But through it all, a few things are sure. I am surrounded by incredible people and together, we embody the values of Modere. Be disruptive – I always believe that there is a better way. Authentic leadership is what drives me – always speak the truth and act from  wholesome intentions. My goal is always to light up any room – be vibrant! More than ever, I have tried to be available to my people and lead  with compassion (it’s the little things that count even). I have learnt that humility is not about shrinking but possessing power with modesty.

And most of all, lead with passion and a zest to always strive for greatness. You need great people to take a vision far. Dedication to a common purpose. And next stop short of Extraordinary!

In these last 12 months, many people have been generous with their time for me. They have coached me when I was stuck, they guided me through the confusion, they stood by me when I made a mistake, they believed in me, and always stood in my corner, cheering me on. I am grateful for so many people and so many things in life.

The opportunity to lead an incredible team of people both in the corporate team and in the field is truly an honour. I am grateful for the opportunity. I am thankful to my support crew who make me shine. And I’m excited for the future.

Thank you to each and every one of you for being apart of this journey

Best Wishes,

Allana Hinks