GM MONTHLY – January 2022

Welcome to January.

As we roll into the new year, again in unprecedented times, I can understand that some are not feeling the excitement and determination that we love to relish in during this period of the New Year ‘clean slate’.

I want you all to know that I hear your concerns, and I sympathise with the anxieties that our current Global climate continues to create. But, I do want to say that one of my favourite things about being part of Modere is that as a team, we continue to move forward, despite the obstacles. We take on challenges, we embrace change, and we support each other. We welcome new teammates, and we continue to look forward, and for that, I commend you and your attitude.

I want you all to know that we’re here for you, and we see all the amazing things you’re achieving. I know that with the dedication, support, commitment, and focus I see in all of you, we’re going to make 2022 a year to remember, in the best way possible.

So, with that said, feel free to reach out to any of us at Modere, check in with each other or lend an ear, and let it remind you that together we can achieve anything.

Best Wishes
Allana Hinks