What a way to make someone feel like a Rockstar.  It was each Social Marketer’s opportunity to channel their inner Beyonce or Chris Hemsworth – their own Rockstar moment.  After landing into Male, we were whisked away by speedboat to our very own island, in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  Club Med Kani was our home for the next few nights and, geez was it spectacular. 

Modere Escape 2019 was an opportunity for Corporate to spend some time connecting and building great relationships with up and coming social marketers, whilst reconnecting and spending quality time with many social marketers we may not have seen since SRC in Perth in February.  For me personally, what makes Modere Escape so special is seeing the connection and bond amongst everyone, achievers, elites, long-time social marketers and the ‘new kids on the block’.  And the most magical part, is watching and listening to phenomenal stories of business success, life-changing product moments and sheer excitement for the future and what this amazing company offers. 

The Maldives is a bucket list destination, one that most people only dream of.  Club Med Kani was sublime and super-fun for all involved.  The Elites were taken on their very own escapade to swim with Manta Rays, Turtles and Black-finned Reef Sharks – yes you heard me correctly, we swam with the sharks!  Pescatarian of course, and much friendlier than their Great White counterparts!  We then docked at a teeny-tiny island for a decadent and indulgent lunch of freshly caught lobster and fish before another adventure to find more turtles and gorgeous reef fish.  What a special once-in-a-lifetime memory for all involved. 

There were adventures, fun, relaxation, indulgence and even some dancing for all at Modere Escape 2019.  Each evening ended with a fun theatre production put on by Club Med staff followed by an organised themed party which saw magical friendships made on the dancefloor, whilst sweating it out trying to learn the choreographed Club Med dances.  Detox and Day Complete!

Waking up to the beauty of looking into vast, turquoise oceans was mesmerising.  It wasn’t all play – we spent some time workshopping the values and principles of Modere as well as some exclusive information and an opportunity for input from Elites on the exciting innovation pipeline of new products coming!  Then the physical activity and competitive spirits kicked in with Modere Volleyball and Sand Castle building competitions – which saw the Aussies miss out to the Kiwi Boys who played volleyball like they were the All Blacks and one enthusiastic Sandcastler who even brought their own spade and pink sand all the way from Oz.  They shall remain nameless!

Product stories, business tips and social media hacks were shared over cocktails in the pool and lifelong friendships were made over a mutual love for Modere.  We celebrated successes, learnt great product tips and understood how corporate could better serve the field with tools and education.  These Escapes and the time spent away is something truly that cannot have a value placed on it.  The only two questions I have now is Where to Next and Will you be joining us?

By Allana Hinks, Sales and Marketing Manager – Australasia