If you weren’t at our virtual SRC you wouldn’t have been the first to know that we have launched our Escape 2022 and yes, we plan to Escape TOGETHER in 2022 somewhere in this AMAZING world!

We know that Escape is so much more than a destination and the memories and lifelong bonds that our Achievers make on Escapes is what makes it truly unforgettable.

We also announced some exciting new opportunities for Pod Builders and a first ever Escape Fast Start incentive!  Not to mention we reduced the Experience achievement Escape credits from 100 to 75 so that new Social Marketers that join Modere later in the qualification period will still have the opportunity to qualify for an Experience too!

Check out this video that was launched at SRC, which reminds us why Escapes are so special to our Social Marketers and why we have our eyes on Escaping in 2022, TOGETHER! 

Pod builders are the foundation of a Social Marketer’s business and we want our highest performing Pod Builders to join us for an EXTRAORDINARY Escape in 2022, so qualifications now include the team development and consistent qualification of Platinum Black 1s.

Also, we want to reward you for FAST TRACKING your Escape achievements with an extra 25 Escape credits!  So, the first 10 Social Marketers who achieve all the Escape qualifications (with the exception of the Escape credits) will receive 25 Escape bonus credits!

Those extra credits could be just what you need to reach the next Escape reward level or even achieve the Royal Escape!  So set your goals and smash your Escape qualifications early!

Qualifications commence 1 March and end 31 October 2021.  For all the details click here:

Set your goals and join us for an EXTRAORDINARY Escape 2022 somewhere in this wonderful world, TOGETHER!